Standard - straight staircases for indoor and outdoor use

Eurostair standard straight staircases is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The staircases is as a standard hot dip galvanized but can also have powder coating as surface treatment. Our focus is to create a fully customized staircase after your wishes and needs by having a lot of options for material. Under our options for straight staircase standard you can read more about the options to get the staircase you need. 

Straight staircases for industries

Eurostair's straight staircase standard is produces after your needs. Our focus is straight staircases for easy and fast assembly which saves both time and money. We have many options for railings, step types and surface treatment depending on the area of use and the surroundings. 

Straight standard staircase childsafe


Most of the components in a straight staircase exist in several different executions to fit your staircase solution. There are more options than the one we present here. Contact us for more alternatives. 



With many years of experience, we help you with guidance and advice in the project planning. When ordering, every staircase is specifically drawn, and the drawing is sent to the customer for approval before production. We help you with loading calculation and provides you with other documentation needed. No matter where in the process we meet we look at the best solution and the savings that can be made without losing quality. 

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