Customer FAQ. In this section you'll find common questions and answers. If you have a more specific question please call or email us.

I need to have a “childsafe” railing, what does it mean?

A childsafe railing in a staircase should be minimum 900 mm high and not have any vertical openings that are bigger than 100 mm. Also, keep in mind that the railing should not consist of any horizontal parts that entails climbing. If you want a fully childsafe staircase you should not have more than 100 mm opening between the steps.

Can I assemble my Eurostair® staircase myself?

Yes, normally you can assemble the staircase yourself. You do not need any special knowledge or special tools. The assembly instruction you get from us. Please look at the assembly instruction here on the website.

Can I order a staircase with wooden steps from you?

Yes, you can buy our staircase with many different types of steps, including wooden steps. For example we offer oak, ash, walnut. We produce steps with all kinds of wood.

Can I assemble lighting in an Eurostair® staircase?

Yes, you can. Handrailing and steps can be provided with lightning, preferably with RGB led for the coloration. We work with different LED-light sources which gives a discrete assembly and a thrilling lightning. Contact us for finding out the possibilities for your project.

Vilka ytbehandlingar kan jag beställa på Eurostairs spiraltrappor?

Vi har valen varmförzinkning, pulverlackning eller Duplexbehandling. Duplexbehandling är både varmförzinkning och pulverlackning. Utomhustrappor och trappor i utsatt inomhusmiljö ska alltid varmförzinkas. En målad utomhustrappa får det vi kallar Duplexbehandling. Inomustrappor kan i de flesta fall endast Pulverlackas.

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