Premium - a spiral staircase customized for all types of properties

A spiral staircase with elegant design for both inside and outside use. Lots of handcrafted details and choices for you to make, to personalize your staircase. Eurostair® premium spiral staircase is partly produced from stockholding parts but also includes hours of craftmanship for railings and platforms. The surface treatment is normally powder coated. 

Eurostair spiral staircase premium

Premium spiral staircase

The premium model of our spiral staircase is built primarily for indoor use in offices, stores, hotels, apartements, health care, sports arenas etc. Is also an excellent choice to use outside. The stair is partly produced by our standard components but craftsmanship is also applied. 

Radius: from 1000-1500 mm.


Options for premium spiral staircase

Premium spiral staircase step surfaces

Step surfaces

Steps can be delivered with grating, plane plate, tear plate, stone, or wood surface. Contact our construction team for more information and calculation of free hight under steps and platforms. The staircase can be delivered in sizes from 1000-1500 mm.

Eurostair spiral staircase premium railings


The staircase can be made with an industrial railing or childsafe railing with plate cassettes. Poles can be chosen in different sizes and designs. Contact the construction department for more information about railings.

Eurostair spiral staircase Premium handrail


Handrails from steel or wood are available for your staircase and platforms. Please contact the construction department for more information about railings for your staircase. Handrails are produced out of seamless steel tube 42,4 mm or different wood material with sizes from 45 - 50 mm diameter.

Surface treatment

Surface treatment aims to give the product a long life span or a specific color. In combination, it provides both corrosion protection and coloration. Hot galvanizing is the best corrosion protection and protects your product from oxidation.

Eurostair Spiral staircase premium color


With many years of experience, we help you with guidance and advice in project planning. When ordering, every staircase is specifically drawn, and the drawing is sent to the customer for approval before production. We help you with loading calculation and provides you with other documentation needed. No matter where in the process we meet we look at the best solution and the savings that can be made without losing quality. 

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