Premium - a high end spiral staircase for all types of properties

An elegant spiral staircase with lots of handcrafted details, specifically designed for indoor use. Personalize your staircase by picking your favourite stair steps, handrail type or colors. Our Eurostair® premium spiral staircase is partly produced from stock parts but also includes hours of craftmanship for railings and platforms. The surface treatment is usually realized using powder coating, which gives access to the full RAL color palette.

High degree of customization possible

Our Premium spiral stair cases allow for a high degree of customization while some parts are taken from our stock of standard parts. This way we can leverage our efficient production process while still delivering a high end piece of designer furniture for your home or office that will prove to be a real eye catcher.

Premium spiral staircase

The premium model of our spiral staircase is built primarily for indoor use in offices, stores, hotels, apartements, health care, sports arenas etc. The stair is partly produced with our standard components but our experienced craftsmanship is applied for custom components. The surface treatment is usually a powder coating with possibly a zinc primer followed by another layer of powder coating.

The radius can be selected from 1200 to 1500 mm.


Options for premium spiral staircase

spiral staircase step wooden surface

Step surfaces


Eurostair premium spiral stair handrail


Surface treatment

Surface treatment aims to give the product a long life span or a specific color. In combination, it provides both corrosion protection and coloration. Hot galvanizing is the best corrosion protection and protects your product from oxidation.

Eurostair Spiral staircase premium color


With many years of experience, we help you with guidance and advice in project planning. When ordering, every staircase is specifically drawn, and the drawing is sent to the customer for approval before production. We help you with load calculation and provide you with all documentation needed. No matter where in the process we meet, we look for the best solution and the savings that can be made without losing quality. 

Options for premium spiral staircase

Most of the components in a spiral staircase exist in several different versions to fit your staircase solution. There are more options than the one we present here. Contact us for more alternatives. 


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