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Placement of stair*


Building regulations of stair*


Direction of stair*


Left, counterclockwise
Right, clockwise

Radius of stair*


Height of staircase*


From ground-level to next floor level.
Height of staircase

Platform exit*


Platform side exit
Platform straight exit

Platform shape and measurements

Railing type*


Select railing type

Railing height 1100mm

See our railing models

Platform and step type*


Select step type
See our step types

Handrail type*


See our handrails

Additional options*


Inner handrail type (optional height)

See our inner handrails

Center tube handrail (steel - 42.4x3mm)

Protective cage

See our cages

Surface treatment*


Upload files

Attach drawings and, if possible, pictures from the site where the spiral staircase will be placed.

  1. An overview picture straight from the front, which includes the entire area where the staircase will be placed, from the ground to the top.
  2. Picture along the wall to identify possible obstacles.
  3. A close up picture showing the area where the platform will be placed.
Image from the front
Image from the side
Closeup image

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