Eurostair® Spiral staircases

We have spiral staircases for all of your needs, whether it's for industry, office, public environment or at home. We have three different base models in our product range that are all highly customizable. The range of options can give you everything from a safe escape staircase to a very exclusive spiral staircase with wooden steps and glass railings for your home. Our sales team and designers will help you from idea to delivery.


Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be used as an escape staircase or emergency exit in industrial, office or residential buildings.

  • Indoor and outdoor escape stairs
  • High strength steel provides strength and light weight
  • Five railing models
  • Non-slip
  • Childproof railing
  • Radius 700 - 1200 mm


High-quality, cost-effective spiral staircase, specially designed for indoor use, with an elegant design and many carefully considered details. Our Premium spiral staircases allow for a high degree of customisation while some parts are taken from our stock of standard parts.

  • Series-produced designer stairs
  • Cassette or perforated metal railing
  • Smooth bottom of steps
  • Free choice of colour
  • Wood, stone, vinyl or carpet step surface
  • Child safe railings
  • Radius 1000-1500


Fully customisable indoor spiral staircase for the highest demands. Exclusive craftsmanship meets elegant, minimalist design. You can match an existing interior style and add luxury and elegance to your project while maintaining a very lightweight design. To maximise the possibilities, we have created this new generation spiral staircase where you are involved in the whole process.

  • Exclusive craftsmanship quality
  • Minimalist design
  • Exclusive materials such as granite, leather and glass
  • Concealed step attachment
  • Lighting as an option
  • Free-hanging steps
  • Radius 900 - 1400

Spiral staircases made of high-strength steel, easy and quick to assemble.

From one of the leading staircase manufacturers in Europe.

Childsafe spiral staircase outdoors for emergency exit
Detail picture hidden joints spiral staircase exclusive
Detail picture exclusive spiral staircase with lighting
Spiral staircase exclusive with glass railing
Get inspired by our products

The wide range of applications of spiral staircases.

Are you interested in spiral staircases? Then we are pleased that you have found your way to Eurostair. Depending on your requirements, spiral staircases can be used both outside and inside.

  • Interiors: spiral staircases connect several floors in residential houses, apartments, lofts and offices.
  • Attic access: spiral staircases are a popular choice for converting attics into livable space.
  • Access to basements: Spiral staircases are commonly used in residential and commercial buildings to access basements or sub-basements. They take up less space than traditional stairs.
  • Emergency exits: in some buildings, spiral staircases are used as additional escape routes or emergency exits. Their compact design allows them to be placed in limited space conditions.
  • Aesthetic accents: spiral staircases are often used in buildings for aesthetic reasons. They add a special touch to a room and can become an eye-catching or design element.
  • Outdoor applications: There are weatherproof models that can be used outdoors. These are used, for example, on terraces, balconies or in gardens. Also, as escape stairs in any type of building.
  • Commercial and business premises: in business premises such as restaurants, bars and stores, spiral staircases are used to connect different levels, often serving as an architectural highlight.

Spiral staircases in three designs and numerous models.

Here at Eurostair, you will find three different versions of spiral staircases:

  1. the standard version offers easy assembly with few parts. The spiral staircase is made of high performance steel and is slip resistant up to classification R13. We offer it in five railing models.
  2. premium version has a radius of up to 1,500 millimeters. The design railing has posts with square tubes, the steps are discreetly fixed. We also offer customized options.
  3. exclusive version offers function and design in an optimal combination. We offer this spiral staircase with exclusive materials such as granite, glass and leather. The step fasteners are concealed. In addition, the spiral staircase is available with optional lighting.

Spiral staircases from Eurostair

Are you looking for a competent partner for your spiral staircases outside as well as inside? We are glad that you have found us. Make your non-binding inquiry today so that we can also supply you with a customized spiral staircase.

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