The benefits of Eurostair® spiral staircases



Hot-dip galvanizing is the best way to protect your outdoor products from corrosion. This is our belief and is based on the combination of cost and product lifespan. Corrosion forms much faster when you mix galvanized steel with stainless steel. When a galvanized material comes into contact with a more noble material such as stainless steel, the function of the galvanizing may be reduced and corrosion occurs more quickly. Regardless of the environment, with mixed materials the material will corrode much faster than if the stairs are only made of galvanized steel. In marine or industrial environments, the likelihood of corrosion is significantly higher than in land air. You get really good corrosion protection when you use galvanized steel in combination with powder coating, the so-called duplex treatment.

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We work consciously with modern high-strength materials for our spiral staircases where larger loads occur. The higher the strength of the steel is the smaller amount of material is required and the construction and product can be made thinner and lighter, but still as sustainable. This means that a smaller amount of steel is used but the strength in the steel is still the same. You have a lot to win on this, not least from an environmental perspective. Less material leads to fewer transports and less energy consumption. Lighter vehicles consume less fuel, resulting in lower emissions. Another environmental aspect of steel construction is it can be recycled. Steel can be recycled up to 100% and zinc to 80%.



We dare to say that our standard spiral staircases have the easiest assembly. Our modern choices of material create a lighter product that is also easier to assemble. The spiral staircases consist of few components that are packaged in a way that makes the assembly easy and smooth. The steps to our spiral staircase are designed with a keyhole to easily attach the step to the center tube. The handrail jointing is designed with a sleeve to simplify the assemble while the jointing of the handrails is hidden on the underside. Together with the staircase we give you easy assembly instructions which thorough illustrations and descriptions enable you to complete the assembly in a very short time. There are clear benefits to the environment when shipping a lighter product while at the same time it makes the components easier to handle in production, galvanization, and assembly. 

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Unlike many workshops in Europe, we have reduced the delivery time by several weeks by using standard components in the Eurostair® spiral staircase. Instead of making each step or platform unique to each project, our rational production saves time at every stage. This in turn also leads to a better price. The design is easy to customize for most solutions and you have many options to choose from to make the staircase unique.
With a wide range and service, we can offer you exactly what you need. Our competent staff will guide you. We set high standards when designing and constructing spiral staircases. We make sure that the stair follows Eurocodes and always deliver a 3D drawing, to show you how we intend to make the stair. The earlier we join the process, the higher chance we have to give you the best solution. We know stairs and quickly see what will work best for your property.



The delivery time for our standard spiral staircase is normally four weeks from the order date. If needed, you can also order a special delivery in three or two weeks. All our products are monitored by our business control system which allows us to see in real-time where the stairs are in production and when it leaves our manufacturing facility. Our wide range of spiral staircases makes it possible to standardize the components for all heights and makes the design easy to customize for most solutions. When the spiral staircase is delivered, all parts of the stair are marked and packed in boxes to make it easy when the assembly is about to be carried out. Bolts and screws are packaged in excellent packages that make it easy to keep track of small parts and minimize the risk of losing something. Included in the package are assembly instructions for each staircase. The boxes we deliver the staircase in save both spaces in the cargo and make the assembly easy to perform. All for easier assembly and reduced environmental impacts.

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