Eurostair Spiral Staircase standard
Technical Information

Eurostair spiral staircase standard

The standard spiral staircases consist of the main components: center tube, railing, platform, and steps. You choose your step surface, railing model, and surface treatment. All spiral staircases are individually customized which means we design them after your needs. Our spiral staircases are space-saving and suitable for all types of properties. With a well-thought-out design, modern steel materials, and a rational industrial volume production, we lead the way to an efficient and economical solution for you as a customer. We can deliver the stairs with protective cages and locks/emergency locks. Contact our sales department for more information about our spiral staircases and what we can help you with.

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  • Product description
  • Project planning
5 kN (3 kN)
700-1200 mm (1300 mm)
Center tube
Ø 100 mm
Free height
min 2000 mm
Free angle
5 different types for industry staircases

The EUROSTAIR® spiral staircase Standard has a full-length central pillar with threaded bolt holes for the steps. Entry and exit platforms are custom built to meet the customer’s specific needs. Handrails are constructed in steel tubes 42,4 mm. Options for industrial or child safe handrails. Staircase radius: 700, 800, 900, 1000 and 1200 mm is delivered as standard. 1300 mm radius can be delivered for 3 kN distributed load according to EN DIN 14122.

The staircases are manufactured in clockwise and anti-clockwise versions. The steps in a Eurostair spiral staircase has a profiled step side and the outside of the step is rounded. The connection part of the step consists of an attachment plate with a keyhole which provides enough space for a box key. The bolt is connected into the center tube and then the step attaches through the keyhole. This simple principle will help during assembly.

The step builds 100 mm which means with a step height of 200 mm the staircase is childproof. Eurostair spiral staircases normally have step heights between 160 mm and 200 mm. Security caging is made of steel grating and supplied in heights of 2300 mm or full staircase height. Outdoor staircases are supplied galvanized in accordance with SS-EN ISO 1461 but can also be delivered powder coated or duplex treated.

  • Handrail

    The handrail is attached to the post using M6 bolts. The post is a UV profile sized 30x32x30 mm. Handrail diameter 42.4 mm.

  • Keyhole

    A simple design feature that helps enormously during assembly. The area between the grating and the bolts provides enough space for a box key.

  • Steps

    Step-side with contoured profile, and symmetrically designed grating for enhanced appearance. Grating dimensions 33x50 mm.

  • Platforms

    Railing posts on the platform are bolted to the platform with M8 bolt + screw-nut. For child safe railing the posts are provided with brackets allowing a maximum horizontal opening of 100 mm.

  • Poles

    Poles are attached to the steps outer edge using M8 bolts. The holes in the steps are crowned and threaded. The poles are easy to attach from inside the staircase.

  • Transition

    In the transition from stair to platform, the handrails are joined for maximum stability. Bolt M6x20 mm with screw-nut.

  • Handrail sleeve

    A unique, easy-assemble sleeve for simple, stable handrail jointing. No welding required.

  • Connection to ground/floor

    The lower part of the handrail also provides ground support. The adjustable screw-in foot is fixed to the ground/floor after adjustment.

Our project planners are always here for your service with information and project planning of your spiral staircase. We can also help you with assembly. Please e-mail your sketches or drawings to us and we'll make sure you'll get a quick answer! In order to help you with your staircase solution we need to know following:

  • The placement of the staircase, inside or outside
  • Building classification
  • Direction of staircase, seen from the entrance in the bottom
  • Staircase radius
  • Staircase height from ground to upper edge
  • Shape of platform and exit
  • Railing model, child safe or industrial railing
  • Step and platform surface
  • Surface treatment, galvanized or powder coated
  • When powder coated, the RAL-color
  • Protective cage, standard or any height
  • Model of handrailing, steel, stainless or wood
  • Inner handrail
  • Center tube handrail
  • Floor thickness with dimensions of openings
  • Placing of railing on platforms and around floor openings, and bracing or consoles
Radius/steps per 360°Size of steps from outside of the handrailRecommended height between stepsC-C between posts
700 mm/14202 mm190-200 mm300 mm
700 mm/16182 mm190-200 mm270 mm
800 mm/15238 mm180-200 mm330 mm
800 mm/16216 mm185-200 mm300 mm
800 mm/18194 mm190-200 mm270 mm
900 mm/15272 mm170-190 mm360 mm
900 mm/16250 mm170-195 mm330 mm
900 mm/18227 mm180-200 mm300 mm
900 mm/20204 mm190-200 mm270 mm
1000 mm/16283 mm170-180 mm360 mm
1000 mm/18260 mm170-190 mm330 mm
1000 mm/20236 mm180-200 mm300 mm
1000 mm/22212 mm185-200 mm270 mm
1100 mm/18288 mm170-190 mm360 mm
1100 mm/20264 mm170-195 mm330 mm
1100 mm/22240 mm180-200 mm300 mm
1100 mm/24216 mm190-200 mm270 mm
1200 mm/20293 mm170-200 mm360 mm
1200 mm/22269 mm170-200 mm330 mm
1200 mm/24245 mm170-200 mm300 mm
1200 mm/27220 mm170-200 mm270 mm
1300 mm/22303 mm170-200 mm360 mm
1300 mm/24278 mm170-200 mm330 mm
1300 mm/26254 mm170-200 mm300 mm
1300 mm/29228 mm170-200 mm270 mm

Options for standard spiral staircase

Most of the components in a spiral staircase exist in several different executions to fit your staircase solution. There are more options than the one we present here. Contact us for more alternatives. 

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