How is a Eurostair® spiral staircase assembled?

<p>A one-story spiral staircase is today built with a central tube where the plane is screwed to the tube and then soldered and fixed to the facade. The steps are then screwed onto the center tube. Railing posts are then attached to the outside of the step and thus bind the steps together into a truss construction with stability and load-bearing capacity. The railing posts then carry the railing filling with sheet metal or braces. Finally, a supervisor in a suitable material is mounted on the railing posts. Any step surfaces are finally mounted on (In the case of wooden surfaces). Modern stairs are often built in high-strength steel materials that provide lower weights and thus lower environmental impact in all processes from production, surface treatment, transport. Our fitters testify to the market's easiest and fastest assembly, which is done with only two different simple fixed keys.</p>

Spiral staircases made of high-strength steel, easy and quick to assemble.

From one of the leading staircase manufacturers in Europe.

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