Premium - customized straight staircases for indoor use

Eurostair delivers steel staircases for industry, offices, residences, and public buildings. Straight staircases are used as a function to move between one floor to another. Eurostair straight staircases are built according to your wishes and the demands you have on the appearance and function of the staircase. 

Together with our sales staff and engineers, we produce the best staircase solution for your specific project. We find out the needs of your staircase and finds the best solution, best placement, best function, and the nicest staircase design.

The stringers are chosen based on the staircase loading, width, angle, and the outreach of the staircase. Our engineers produce a 3D-drawing so you easily can visualize how your staircase solution will look like in your property.

Premium staircase for homes or public buildings

Eurostair premium straight staircases can be supplied in different standard designs or completely customized. The straight staircases consist of stringers, platforms, steps, railings, and possible support legs. Elaborated constructions make the staircase easy to assemble. Steps are available in grating, perforated plate, or plain plate suitable for carpet, wood, or stone.
Our staircases follow the norms within the European Union and are CE marked. We offer many options for design and material if you want a customized staircase.
Contact us for more information.

Straight staircase premium with glas railing

Options for premium straight staircase

Most of the components in a straight staircase exist in several different executions to fit your staircase solution. There are more options than the one we present here. Contact us for more alternatives. 


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