What requirements apply to a spiral staircase?

<p>The requirements are always based on the building's class definition. The building class determines the requirements for bearing capacity which are governed by national annexes from Eurocodes. Railing heights may vary for different building classes. The design of the stairs is governed by the function the stairs must have. Therefore, doorways can be controlling for stair radii in an evacuation situation. The clearance height in the flight of stairs and under the flight of stairs is important for how the stairs must be designed geometrically. Step height and step depth tell what angle the staircase will have. The step depth tells you how good the spiral staircase will be to walk in. Be especially careful when moving down the stairs. The foot movement means that with small step depths you will only use the heel of the foot to walk on. We always control the start and end of the stairwell with angles on the plan. As a result, we are able to maintain a good step depth on our spiral staircases.</p>

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