Major investment in our production facilities

Eurostair Produktion AB is investing heavily and continuing to increase production capacity at its plant in Säffle. The entire plant is being modernised and made more energy-efficient in order to cope with the steadily increasing growth. This is being done by investing in new machinery and increasing both production and storage space. In addition, we are further developing quality and control systems that are integrated into our digital production management system. Eurostair's spiral staircases fulfil the market's demand for fast delivery of the right product. A key to this supply chain is the increase in production capacity at the Eurostair factory in Säffle, with the help of improved machinery and the development of control and management systems. - We had expected demand to increase, but the order intake has exceeded all expectations. The interest from both Scandinavia and Europe is significantly greater than our forecast and we are now investing heavily to meet our promised delivery times in the future, says the CEO of Eurostair Production, Tor Pedersen. - We have been planning this project for a long time. The installation is complex because the investments we are making are also part of Industry 4.0, the industrial transformation in which production is becoming increasingly data-driven.

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