The benefits with
Eurostair straight staircases


Straight stairs are used both indoors and outdoors. The function of a staircase – to move safely between floors – is based on detailed calculations of step heights and loads. But the design of the stairs is influenced by many more factors. Our strength is a nice design with a focus on function and details. Our designers evaluate this in our 3D drawing programs and always come up with clear visual solutions that make it easier for you as a customer to understand why our staircase solutions are the best.


At Eurostair we think it is important to be able to provide our customers with modern technical solutions. Therefore, we work with modern drawing programs to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability throughout the process. We work in advanced 3D programs that enable you as a customer to see how your staircase will look like in your property. We produce 3D models of the staircases which can be used to ensure that the staircase will meet your expectations. In addition to 3D models, we also provide detailed drawings where you can see the stair from different angles, everything to ensure the stair will look as you expect.


Our straight staircases can be used in different environments such as industry, in-housing, or office buildings as well as in public environments. They can be placed indoors or outdoors and with the surface treatment most suitable for the environment. A straight staircase can be relatively simple to meet the needs of only transporting people between different floors, but can also be designed as an interior detail in the environment it will be placed in. We're here the meet your wishes based on your needs.


Our straight staircases have many choices regarding the different parts of the stair. There are several alternatives to railings, steps, surface treatment, and handrails. You can choose from everything from a standard industry railing to a glass railing. Or an industry step to a step with a wood surface. Each straight staircase is produced individually and is therefore unique and customized specifically to fit your staircase solution. From your wishes and preferences, we help you design the staircase that meets your needs.

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