Product details

The EUROSTAIR® spiral staircase has a full length central pillar with threaded bolt holes for the steps. Entry and exit platforms are custom built to meet the customer’s specific needs. Handrails are constructed in steel tubing. Options for industrial or child-safety handrails. Standard radius: 700, 800, 900, 1000 and 1200 mm.

Staircases are manufactured in clockwise and anti clockwise versions. Security caging is made of steel grating and supplied in heights of 2200 mm or full staircase height. All staircases are supplied galvanised in accordance with SS-EN ISO 1461, and can also be delivered powder-coated or wet-painted. 


The handrail is attached to the post using M6 bolts. The post is a UV profile sized 25x30x25 mm. Handrail diameter 42.4 mm.


Step-side with contoured profile, and symmetrically designed grating for enhanced appearance. Grating dimensions 33x50 mm.


Uprights are attached to the steps’ outer edge using M8 bolts. The holes in the steps are crowned and threaded. The uprights are easy to attach from inside the staircase.


A simple design feature that helps enormously during assembly. The area between the grating and the bolts provides enough space for a box key.

Child saftey

Handrail poles on the platform are connected with brackets allowing a max. horizontal opening of 100 mm. Max. 100 mm opening between steps.

Handrail sleeve

A unique, easy-assemble sleeve for simple, stable handrail sheeting. No welding required.


In the transition from stair to platform, the handrails are joined together for maximum stability.

Connection to ground/floor

The lower part of the handrail also provides ground support. The adjustable screw-in foot is fixed to the ground/floor after adjustment.