Eurostair Spiral staircase

Our EUROSTAIR® spiral staircase is the result of enhanced product development and ingenuity. The staircase is built of high-strength steel, but has a reduced weight. Therefore it is easier to handle during assembly. Lower material and energy consumption during manufacture reduce the impact on the environment. Although this model is built with standard components, it is possible to vary the number of steps and the height between the steps. EUROSTAIR® can be installed on all kinds of building for entry or evacuation. The staircase can also be fitted with an outer cage to prevent misuse by intruders. Together with a lockable door, this ensures maximum security against burglary.

EUROSTAIR® fulfils BBR94, BKR94 and BSK94. It is approved by SWEDCERT, type approval no. 0563 (currently applies to 800, 900 and 1000 mm sizes), ensuring that staircase manufacture is continually monitored and controlled.